We built our Meatless Monday community from the ground up… aka persuading friends, family, co-workers and essentially anyone who would listen to us to “just try it for one meal.” And then it was only natural for us to talk about it more since friends would ask us, “what’s this vegetarian thing you have going on again called?” So, we decided that we’d be more formal about Meatless Monday in 2014 by setting up bi-weekly dinner parties:

  1. Confirm a host (we rotate between our apartments in the city)
  2. Gather up a group of friends and friends of friends to join us
  3. Vote on a Meatless Monday recipe (the host usually picks a few inspirational ones)
  4. Enjoy good old human interaction with everyone all while cooking, eating, drinking, mingling, and the usual board game-ing post eating
  5. Share our memories with each other and anyone else!

We’re always open to meeting new faces and experimenting more in the kitchen so let us know if you’d like to join! After all, we were all strangers at some point in time. And don’t worry, none of us are actually vegetarians but we do a pretty darn good job of keeping each other accountable EVERY Monday.

And since most of you have probably never heard of Meatless Monday (no biggie)… it’s basically a non-profit, public health initiative that started in 2003 in conjunction with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Lastly, so we don’t overwhelm you with too much info here, we encourage you to read more about the history and health + environmental benefits of the Meatless Monday campaign here


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